About Us


Innovating the Industry...

Since 1983, our company has been the leader in bringing innovative products and technology to the market.  Some of our "FIRSTS" to the industry include:

  • FIRST to develop the use of epoxy for sealing the wire housing - moisture proof

  • FIRST to obtain UL Certification & develop the category - safety

  • FIRST to develop Cast Aluminum De-icers - Safe in plastic without the use of a guard

  • FIRST to develop a Drain Plug De-icer to custom fit all Rubbermaid Stock tanks.

  • FIRST to develop a Heated Rubber Bucket with concealed heating element

  • FIRST to develop a Birdbath De-icer

  • FIRST to develop a Pond De-icer

  • FIRST to develop a Heated Pet Bowl

  • FIRST to develop a Heated Poultry Fountain

  • FIRST to develop a Heated Water Bottle

We are committed to improving our industry through quality, innovation, product development, and service.  We have brought over thirty new products successfully to the market in the last five years.


Quality and Service - Our Main Goals

We pride ourselves on quality and service.  It is the foundation of our business.  Because of this we:

  • Inspect and test 100% of our units before shipping them out the door.

  • Work hard to earn your business and your trust.

  • Stand behind our obligations and commitments.


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